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Originally Posted by skysailor View Post
Searching for a reason NOT to buy one. Come on people, something's got to be bad about these things?
As ferrix said, a gear indicator would be nice, but I think it would be less important if the gears were spaced further apart. I feel like I hardly ever use gears 3-5.

Also, as mentioned, the seat sucks after an hour. Still waiting on Sargent's replacement to be released. Pre-registration for that's ending soon, so they must be close to releasing it

The windshield is adjustable, but not great. I replaced it with the touring screen from CalSci, and it works a lot better, but doesn't look as nice.

Realy starting to grab at straws if you want more complaints than that. Oh, probably the last one from me. The handlebars being tall clip-ons instead of a solid bar cuts down on the options for mounting stuff. I got one of these and it works fine for my GPS, but I would have preferred using one of the ones I already had.
Originally Posted by garandman
If you posted a thread on Face Plant that you crashed because an eagle attacked your helmet, you'd get five people saying how you should know better than to paint your helmet _________ and another five who will suggest you should have taken the MSF Eagle Avoidance course. Then another five will say the Eagle Avoidance Course sucks....
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