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Originally Posted by Abenteuerfahrer View Post
Yo senior and junior XC! Did the rains slow you down a bit...or are you gasping from the Texas smoke. Hope all is well.

Nope, all is well, we just haven't left home yet!

You may not have seen it in my first post, but our departure date was set for 9/8 or 9/9. Turns out we're leaving the day after tomorrow, so Friday, September 9th. We'll be taking two days to ride down to Jellico from Madison county, Virginia. Joining us from Virginia will be two friends, one on a KLR 650 and the other on a DR650 I think? In Jellico we'll be meeting up with MrPrez from Mobile, Alabama, so on Sunday there will be five of us leaving from the Jellico Day's Inn! Bikes are pretty much all set and packed, just need to take care of a few more projects at home so as to have our furlough approved! It's pretty hard to concentrate though because I am so itching to go right now!!! To tide you over, here are a few pictures!

My bike, ready to go, just need to finish loading it up. All the stuff that needs to go on it are on the saw-horse table on the right. Look at that shiny, new, rear tire!

Dad's bike, same as mine, also with new shoes front & back!

And the "not quite as fancy as I hoped for" business cards that I had made up for this trip. If you can believe it, it took me two hours, yes TWO HOURS, to get 100 of these printed up at the Charlottesville Office Depot! And to boot, they were unable to get it so the picture extended to the edges of the card, like I'd done for my cards for my Alaska trip, so finally I had to settle for this dark grey border. Not quite what I wanted, but it'll do the job.

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