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(Burned my finger tips at work so if i misspell something forgive me)


As far as the feel of the bike after a little while?

It feels Japanese to me. And I Mean that by the the feel and ride of the bike. The Plastics are not up to Japanese MC Standards.

The switches are very close.... Alot better than other chinese bikes I have had time on, feel very positive and not loose in their sockets so to speak. The Mirrors are better than my modern Bonnies. No kidding..

The Bike feels light but it isn't. It handles more like a Motorcycle than a scooter.....the bike can corner very fast. I am not that brave but I have a Buddy that used to race semi prof back in the day and he absotivly scared the bejeezuz out of me riding it while I road his cushman.

The center stand has a lot of scrapes on it from that day.

I like the high clearence of the bike. I can park it on center Islands and free up space for cars without fear of smacking the crap on the under body. I like that alot. I am finding myself very content with the power of the bike. It is just as quick as any other china scooter I have ridden.

Other than the sparkplug fiacso which was now 300 miles ago I am very happy with the bike. My Dealer took really good care of me and had the bike done in less than 24 hours. I recommend a actual brick and mortar dealer if you are going to get a china scoot. Ask for a warrenty and pay for it.

I had to leave the road a while bike to avoid a Gal driving and texting or something on her phone, coulda been a 20mph head on but I chose to leave the road off a 12-15" rise into someone's yard. Bike handled just fine But I put a big divot in a guys yard.

When i finally figured out how to remove the seat I noticed I could pull the cap plugs off the frame tubes. I have been wanting to see how thick they were. They are fairly thick I think. I bet they are .070"" to .090" thick. I will get a pic.

I have been trying to find the time to looking to some sort of leg shields. I have to come up with something.... I will more than likely buy a elchepo universal tall windshield for it. I have had the "it looks cool windshields" before in the past... no thanks.. Bigger is better in the winter.

Still have not looked into a lap apron.
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