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Originally Posted by Boxer-lust View Post
And with todays powerful motorcycle engines the convenience of a clean shaft by far outweighs a couple of percent of the parasitic losses of shaft driven inline-4's !
You did state something correct- Shaft drives do outweigh chain systems. They are much heavier. Another thing Motus was trying to keep down- overall bike weight.

Last thing I want is another sport touring rig that comes in at 650-700lbs wet. I got rid of my ST1100 to gain 50HP and now I can lose 100lbs at the same time? Keep your boat anchor shaft drive. I'll take a 530lbs wet weight bike any day.

A few percent HP losses don't concern me. Throwing around a bike in the twisties that is 100lbs lighter while maintaining 160hp? I'm still in. Naysayers stay home.
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