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How does the Tigger work in those loose rocky conditions? Can you tractor the motor smoothly enough to keep things under control? Does it track pretty straight or deflect easily in the rocks?
Great questions...I have a dual sport tire on the front and a Big Block on the rear (both Kenda). I experienced some deflection on the trail, but nothing that knocked me too far off my chosen route. (In hindsight, and after talking to folks who've done that trail downhill, I am glad we rode it west-to-east...evidently going the other way is extremely treacherous!) I have never used a steering stabilizer, but I think I might try one because on the dirt roads approaching this trail I experienced what I call front-end fishtailing at higher speeds (70-80 mph). Could've been the tire too, so I'm unsure what effect a steering stabilizer might have. That probably doesn't help too much! As for the engine, it was very tractable throughout the ascent. I try to watch my gear selection carefully, as I'm only 5'5" it can sometimes be difficult to get going again after stalling on a steep uphill (short legs don't lend themselves to paddling much!). That said, I often found myself in third gear and the bike wasn't bogging at all, but second was ideal and first was sometimes required.
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