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Originally Posted by Boxer-lust View Post
If MOTUS really had been serious to build a light bike they would have stayed away from a V4 that builds heavier than a inline-4 or any twin and for sure would not have mounted it sideways unless any other V4 except for Hondas ST1300.
This is the first chaindrive that will have as much parasitic loss and being as heavy as a shaftdrive with the additional gears to transform the power 90 degrees from the crank to the chain;sorry couldn't help it...
For sure they wouldn't have used Chevrolet automotive engineering to make a light motorcycle engine,and especially not a pushrod V4 with 1645cc.Why not beeing innovative and using a smaller engine that is supercharged and gets the same torque and power but is physically smaller with less weight?
It's safe to say that it will be lighter than a ST1300 but with 570lbs wet still much heavier than the 460 lbs wet shaft driven R1200S sports-tourer...
Anyways,time will tell who was right.
I wish them luck...
With each new post your lack of mechanical knowledge becomes more and more glaring.
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