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Where we riding to?
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Originally Posted by kirb View Post
From Motus' web site: Wet weight 240 kg (530 lbs) Please quote correct figures.
R1200s- wet weight- 483lbs....(no bags, crap seat, horrible ergos, lousy range)
Feel free to save about 15-20lbs for that bike when you finally fit bags to it....then you can spend the extra cash on the spine doctor after you log an 800 mile day. I also didn't see it for sale on BMW's page. Must have been a sales nightmare.

Again, apples to oranges. You are really reaching at this point. Why not compare REAL sports touring rigs with range, comfort, and...well...ones that are still made (or at least will be for sale in 2012).

For the record, the crankshaft is in the same plane as your beloved BMW, Guzzi, ST1300, ST1100 and others. Not sure why you are so hung up on the crank shaft direction and chain drive.

Basing a US made motorcycle on proven GM RACING technology was a bad idea? You are truly short sighted. This engine has proven longevity, proven horsepower, proven design. It is cheap to live with and easy to work on. Basing a motor on the Chevy small block is one of the best ideas a startup company ever had. Bowtie small blocks have a bigger following than just about any source of motivation ever made. What a stupid idea to latch on to that.

You don't wish them luck, let's be honest.
Totally agree. My father in law has a 2010 Corvette, show me another car in that performance league that gets regularly, real 26+ mpg, and basically needs oil changes for maintenance. Every time he comes to visit he gets out of that car shaking his head and can't believe how good a car it is for soaking up miles on the highway.
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