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Originally Posted by Boxer-lust View Post
I have a Camaro myself but car technology is not necessarily good for motorcycles;otherwise the Boss-Hoss with a real Chevy-V8 would rule the motorcycle market...
I'm sure you are in jest as the Motus is a 'baby block' with GM roots, 4 less cyl, and much lower weight. You might as well say that BMW shouldn't have taken the inline 6 out of their cars and shoved it into the GTL like they did...(see how I did that? just like you!)

Originally Posted by Boxer-lust View Post
I would dismiss as propaganda;mybe they use japanese scales who always come up 40lbs short...
But for the MOTUS a bike like a Boxer or Guzzi with perfect north/south crank arrangement to put in extra gears to channel the power an extra 90 degrees to employ a chain is just plain stupid!
I guess all I can say is 'prove it'.
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