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Originally Posted by Boxer-lust View Post
I have a Camaro myself but car technology is not necessarily good for motorcycles;otherwise the Boss-Hoss with a real Chevy-V8 would rule the motorcycle market...
240Kg I would dismiss as propaganda;mybe they use japanese scales who always come up 40lbs short...
O.K. I get it.You guys don't mind chains...
But for the MOTUS a bike like a Boxer or Guzzi with perfect north/south crank arrangement to put in extra gears to channel the power an extra 90 degrees to employ a chain is just plain stupid!
Of course it takes more money and engineering expertise to put a shaftdrive on but to use an excuse chains are lighter and the MOTUS is a "sportbike" is plain ridicolous and pure PR B.S....
With shaftdrive it could have been a serious contender.
Without it I doubt the "made in usa" label has as much or more appeal as other sports-tourers like VFR1200 or K1300S...
What a dumb post. You blast Motus for the 90 degree directional change of power using a chain, while your beloved boxer with shaft drive makes the exact same 90 degree directional change. Motus does it at the output of the transmission, while BMW does it at the rear wheel with a horsepower robbing high friction ring & pinion.

The only motorcycle design that can truly make power in the same plane it puts it to the ground is a transverse mounted engine with chain drive like most Japanese sport bikes. Not coincidentally, this is also the most efficient design for the transfer of power to the rear wheel.

Originally Posted by Boxer-lust View Post
With shaftdrive it could have been a serious contender.
It won't be a serious contender regardless, but that has nothing to do with the choice of final drive and everything to do with production numbers, dealer network, and cost.

Apparently the only things you seem to be an expert on are trolling and fake n00bs.
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