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Not mine, just found it on eBay today.
This is a piece of junk trailer that is made of very cheap material, I bought it few months ago here on EBAY and amazingly they are still offering for sale, well I was planing to use it some day in one of my trips to carry my motorcycle, unfortunately the very first time I used it falls apart on the road, I was lucky nobody behind me got hurt or with a car damage by the parts start falling on the road, regardless my almost 500 dolars investment on the trailer plus another 500 on a new and real trailer on Tractor Supply, anyway this !!SALE!! its mostly to try to avoid and hope none else get in an accident in the future by buying a trailer that can turn into a huge damage to your wallet or someone else life, if there is anyone that want to buy this piece of junk, I will just tell that I will use the money to donate it to a charity here on Ebay. and if you see another trailer like this for sale be aware its a piece of junk and the seller besides my self of course, will give you 30 day Warranty but they will deliver it two weeks later so that will reduce your warranty by half so check the pictures and judge by your self on the pictures if this trailer worth the money and the risk, and consider my motorcycle weight much less that the one on their advertising.
See other pictures at the link above.

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