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I did a bit of looking around the web on this and found no solutions. If it were me I'd call Kendon and propose two changes and get their reply.
1st I'd measure the ground clearance on the rear of your Chevy pickup under the rear axle's hub/carrier at the lowest point. That's probably all you need and can use.
2nd I'd have a really good fabrication guy weld in some gusseting and essentially another square tube above the axle to drop the axle 1-2 inches.
3rd I'd get some new fenders and put larger tires on your axle if that axle will take it. If not I see Kendon makes a trailer for cars so surely that axle will work although I suspect any competent trailer place will have one or can make it. There are places online to get them custom for cheap. Then I'd install the same tires and wheels as your pickup has. You Kendon has 12s or perhaps 13s (I read both online depending on whether yours is USA made or China made)? If your PU has 16s or 17s then that would add 3-4 inches perhaps more depending on tire size. You might get another inch or two from the increased tire size. I'm going from 13s to 17s and the tire size is relatively huge so that's another two inches. Just increasing the tire/wheel size appears to give me more ground clearance than my wife's 4Runner so that is all I need - assuming the current axle will take it.
So by lowering the axle and adding larger tires that adds maybe 4-6 inches. You could find those Chevy wheels as takeoffs on Craigslist I think for cheap.
Considering how expensive Kendons are, and how much more usable your Kendon would be after this, I think you'd likely get most of your investment back when you sold it someday.
I was on the phone with Mario yesterday at and he schooled me on alot of this.
For example, because I intend to tow this with my wife's 4Runner I should use the same wheels and tires as the 4Runner so the trailer doesn't need a spare.
I also read alot on EP that torsion axles don't do well offroad. But I don't know if that means the extreme stuff they do over there on EP or just regular offroad in general.
What do you think?

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Note sure that would work with the Torison bar suspension.

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