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Sunday, September 4th

Weave spent last night planning what appeared to be an incredible and challenging route.
We left Ouray heading south on 550 to pick up our route.

We made it to our first turnoff and after about 2 miles of fun, the road ended at a gate. (I don't know why but I didn't get any pictures of this section) We studied the maps for a few minutes and didn't see a feasible way around it.

[Allow me to explain that. Our group (and by "our group" I mean a couple of the guys ) prefers to sleep in. Therefore we (and by "we" I mean me ) feel like we are running late every morning, and the first couple of hours "we" are trying to make up for lost time.]

So Weave and I decided to head for Ophir Pass. Ophir would serve as a scenic connecting road to our main route for the day.

In Ophir, Evil found a new friend.

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