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Question Engine Skid Plate

I did the same thing both times. I must first admit that I hammer my bike and that my shocks are in need of replacement (Wilbers on order), but here goes:

Both times it happened comming off a small jump (2' max) at about 20 mph. on landing the bike bottomed out and sheared the rubber mount shear-bolts that hold the skidplate on. The problem w/ the EOM skid plate is:

1- It's thin aluminum, more for looks than effectiveness. My exhaust bolt actually punched a hole clean through the fron of the skid plate.
2- It's composed of too many parts and is very difficult to re-attach and align the parts to put it back on after it has taken a hit.
3- It mounts directly to the engine via the shear bolts.
4- The shear bolts are crap and cost $6 ea from BMW. I was able to find similar bolts from a machine shop for 1.50 ea.

I understand that the rubber shear bolts are a necessity. Better to break one of those than take a chunk out of the engine block, but there has to be a better way.

I envision a one piece,thicker aluminum skid plate. Much like the Baja Design ones made for XR650s & DRZ400s w/ stronger, sturdier attachment points. Maybey one could incorporate sume rubber bumpers between the skidplate and the engine block so that these would absorbe the brunt of the force instead of the shear bolts. Also the attachement bolts need to be recessed into the skid plate so that regular lock nuts can be used instead of the $$$$$$$ and hard to get BMW aluminum specialty nuts.

Hope this helps. Just my 2 cents.

Thanx Dan
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