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So like Sanjoh said ,he and I had a long drive to meet the others up in the pan handle of FL.

Bikes all loaded and we were on our way.

On the way up we stopped to get a bite and some gas when we noticed that for a few dollars we could both get polished!! What a deal!! Then we found out that the person that "polishes" you also drives a big rig and their skills were a bit ....suspect.

sanjoh and I get all set up just in time to catch a glimpse of kelly duke 2000 rolling in...

All setup and waiting for the "others" that would be spending the night within the solemn confines of the Fish Camp.

As it turns out there was a bit of poor planning on our parts. It seems that we scheduled our overnight stay at the fish camp on the same evening as the Great Southern Fire Ant Gathering. It's kind of like burning man but it's your ass that gets set on fire when the ants bite the hell out of you. Apparently Kelly duke 2000 stores bologna or caramel candies in his boots because within 20 minutes of his arrival he and I were dumping thousands of ants out of his riding boots!!

We were joined later that night by DR Z and Philip Kuntz. The alcoholic beverages flowed and great merriment ensued (okay, we acted like idiots until we passed out but hey, it's our ride report so we can make up whatever we want!!). After a good nights rest we were greeted to 80 degree temps and 100% humidity but the sunrise was gorgeous!!

We wait for Buzztail to show up and then we are off to meet a few more FFs at a diner for some eats before we finally RIDE!!! Take a good look at his tires ,chain and sprocket...(SPOILER ALERT!!) They will be a shadow of their former selves in a few days. Oh and YES,yes he did do a 1200+ mile multi day ride on an RFS bike!! Freakin' super heroes on this trip I tell yuh!

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