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A few hours of twisting through some beautiful southern backdrops (which included some beautiful cotton farms) the scenery began to be a bit less....flat.

Came across this happy fellow. Seems to be a prominent photo opp for this ride.

As I said..The scenery, she was a changin'. That's DR Zs mighty XRR. He brought along an Exxon Valdez size fuel tank just in case the rest of us or all of us needed some gas. I laugh partly from jealousy.

See those tiny figures down the road a ways? That's sanjoh and kelly duke patiently waiting for us stragglers.

Pictures of picture taking. It was important to document our stops in order to preserve a chronological visual journal of their frequency for future travelers to gaze upon and be mesmerized by.

That gentleman with the raised thumb is our fearless organizer DR Z in the flesh!! Seriously though, without him and Buzztail this ride would not have happened...Thanks guys.

We went on down the road to meet up with sanjoh and kelly duke. After shooting the shit for a while and scarfing down some of our packed food we again said goodbye to the two of them. Good riddance!! Nah, I'm kidding. We will be meeting up with them later in the day.

We were treated to some amazing roads throughout this day. The scenery was ever changing lending tiny hints at what we would encounter in the days to come....We weren't in Flatistan anymore Dorothy!!

Somewhere between lunch and this mountain view we had parted ways with DR Z ,Barney and sanjoh as they wanted to ride the Horsestomp loop in the Talladega Natl Forest. The rest of us (which now included kelly duke) set off for Mt Cheaha where we would be camping for evening.

A view from on of the scenic overlooks. This area is beautiful.

Buzztail and I decided to give in to our inner tourists and pose for a couple of pics. Mt Cheaha!!

From this point we headed into the state park to secure our accommodations for the evening. As usual everything was closed by the time we rolled in but we were fortunate enough to come across a ranger that happens to run the little store where you pay for camping. Turns out that he use to race enduros when he was younger and took a shine to us.He set us up with a big site for the whole group and gave us a "group" rate on the site!! AWESOME!!

We would be joined later that evening by the rest of our rag tag band. At that point some beverages would be consumed ,food eaten and stories of rides past told. We made a late night of it because, well, you don't get to do this everyday.
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