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$160 Garmin replaced my destroyed 276C with a new one.

I've read before about sending in old garmin gps's and for a designated fee they will either make it like new (fix it) or replace it with they call a "refurbished" unit.

Well----my first 276C--may have been the first one they sold---it has been thru hell.
I bought one at full price as soon as they came out.
It's been on big adventure bikes---and many a single track thumper on the nastiest colorado trails--the entire TAT, CDR, Mexico, Baja etc.

But this one was getting weary-----------screen started fading out---then a tree limb hit the screen and dislodged it and it filled full of water----I opened her up----dried it out---epoxied the screen back on and it worked perfect--but looked like hell.

So---I bought several more used ones just so I'd never run out of these.

This old one laid in the bottom of my toolbox for years. It would still work--but the screen was bad and I never used it.
I sold it to a friend for $50---he finished it off and broke the antennae clean off, smashed the screen in again and he gave it back to me---I just wanted the 512mb data card.

So----for shit's and giggles-------I send $170 (including shipping and handling) to Garmin and they send me what they call a refurbished one.

They lied to me----this thing has got to be brand new---and with a new battery---I love Garmin.
There is nary a scratch or mark on it of any kind.
I think I'll put it under glass---displayed on my coffee table for me to stare at-----with all the latest security devices hooked to it in the vacuum sealed enclosure.
17,000 volts will surge thru any unsuspecting thief who breaks the vacuum.
Then I'll hang em'

And if you ain't dead yet----My dog JoJo will finish you off---he's just waitin' for you to stick a hand thru the door.
He can hear a mouse fart at 100 yds.

So---get'em while there hot--if you got an old one. I'll fee sorry for you poor souls with all of garmins new models.
People that have never owned one---- and know all it can do will never know what they are missing.
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