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Originally Posted by SourKraut View Post
Nice looking gun btw - I like that it has iron sights and a wood stock.
I like it too....they seem to loose something with all the plastic and then all the other mumbo jumbo people put on them....but then again I am stuck in the past.

I would think at only 25 yards you would not even need the scope....unless you want it for just the fun factor and I understand that.

I had a opossum that was getting very nasty around my new shop....for critters I usually try to just let them be, but when they start hanging around your front door and tehy will not leave and get nasty they have to be delt with. I don't think the opossum I was having trouble with was right in the head...he was out in day light and that is pretty odd for these guys. I put him down with my then new SVT at about the same distance you are talking about....then put him in the burn pile. Called the county to see if they wanted to come and check him out but they said just dispose of him....I figured they would want to test to see if he was rabid or not....he was just not acting like any other opossum I had come across.
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