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I just got an RMA number for my 276c, it's working but getting pretty ratty, dim display 'cuz it's an early one etc. $173 including tax in Texas.

Regarding the maps, if you've got a subscription, there's a way to get new unlock codes for those you've already paid for. I've never done it, but I saw a post recently with a link to a garmin web page where you sort it out. My unit has very old maps that I've updated once. I'm currently using some Texas Topo free maps that are pretty good, and an unlocked set of CN maps that I paid for on a Nuvi subscription, so I may not bother with the new unlock codes via Garmin.

I have to say, Garmin's a good company to deal with overall. Yep, their Montana firmware was released with a lot of bugs, but the list is subsiding and I'm sure it will be in very good shape in a month or two.
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