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some people need to go fast and take a jet
while others are slow like a mouse
but in the end don't get locked out so bring your key
because if you have have no lights fire up the generator


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I wasn't concerned at all about maps----- I have figured around all their unlock codes------which I won't discuss on here or PM's------so don't ask.
I have several 276's ---and just thought it was fair that I could load my paid for maps in all of my units, without paying for an unlock code for each unit---and I succeeded in doing that. I don't feel that is cheating garmin.

Waynegs is right
It was my understanding they will register your new unit in place of the old so your unlocks should work-----but I didn't try this as I didn't need to.

After getting my new unit----I went to garmins site to view my registered units----my old one was gone--and the new one with another serial number was already there.

The new unit will arrive with nothing in it--------no maps--no waypoints--no tracklogs--no saved routes---no data card (they didn't come with one new anyway)---it is your responsibility to have saved this stuff to reload.

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