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The Costal Side of the Mountains of the East

Ok so here is my conundrum! In creating this post I may stretch the limits a little here! First of all If the mountains of the east are at sea level then .... ! No rocket science needed here, and secondly It has to be about and include bikes! Now I have rationalized in my mind and heart how much I wanted, and needed Kira to be here with me, but I could not think of anyway I could have gotten her here without riding her [Duh Right?]. You see there is no way I would insult her by loading her into the back of any vehicle to transport her here, and so because of pride I bit my nose to spite my face! So here is how I can solve the bike issue here! Nags Head NC used car lot just as you cross the bridge onto the northern side of the island is a Car Lot, and if you look closely on the lower right hand corner of the picture... ! Well let's just Look!

This is my only motorcycle shot in the hundreds of pictures I took and there where so many bikes all over the island you couldn't shake a stick at them if you had one, or wanted to, or ,,,... ! Any way here is all this went down. This was mine and the wife's vacation paid for by a friend and his wife. And although she was open to the idea we just could not make it happen. Even though for a week I was in paradise there was just something missing for me! Like I said there were bikes everywhere and rightfully so since this is one of the most phenomenal places to ride anywhere. And here I am cruising around in the SUV! This is just NOT RIGHT! So I'm not posting a flood of pictures on this one, just a few of the good ones!

Crossing over on the north entry way! The Wright Memorial Bridge into Kitty Hawk!

It's just a hop skip and a jump across the inlet!

2:00 am at the moment ... and I'm fading ... more tomorrow!

So here is where we stayed, with this very nice back yard!

No mowing the grass required!

Looking North

Looking South

Yeah I know a lot of folk prefer Southern Exposure!

The Locals were really wonderful ... people! ?

Not too animated!

Obviously a Biker type! [One Knife Short of a Mountain Biker!]

and like anyone else they had their favorite hangouts!

Like I said earlier the Outer Banks here in NC are a bike riders paradise! We know we can experience so much more on the back of our machines than in anything else! [can't be understood by those who don't ride]. But it is incredible. I won't even begin to scratch the surface of the potential of a ride down the beach can offer. But here are a few of the scenes possible for your enjoyment.

just a few of the over 450 pics! I love the twisties, but I would be limiting myself if I ignored all the possibilities the ride provides. [ close in a few moments ]

Finally Back and time to close this one out! Thanks Gadget and Johnny D for allowing me a little leeway here! [Pun Intended]

Seriously the Outer Banks would be a more than memorable run for any one!

Well it was a great week! Too Short! [thinking about moving] and the sun was setting ...

Night Is Coming On and the Week is coming to an end!

And it became necessary to get back up in them thar mountains to Cumberland!

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