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Originally Posted by Shivanshu View Post
Damn tats sad Tex, but how is the new FZ6 o0r FZ8 is much more better than FZ6 ??????
I didn't say it was better I just said it was different !!

Start Thread Hijack.

The FZ6R shares the same bore and stroke as the FZ6, but that's about where the comparison ends. Its engine is tuned for a little more down low torque, but that sacrifices some top end power. (although it doesn't look like it worked. Details HERE). My buddy and I both bought brand new bikes 2 years ago. I bought the 6 and he bought the 6R. He likes the plastic projectile look and I prefer the naked look. I will say that the clutch action and gearbox are smoother on the 6R than on the 6, but my opinion the components on the 6 (Brakes, Swingarm, Triple Tree, 180 rear tire) were better quality than the 6R.

For more information look on or

As far as the FZ8 is concerned it gets good write ups from the media, but If I was going to buy another bigger naked bike I'd probably by an FZ1 or Kawasaki Z1000/Ninja 1000 rather than an FZ8.

End Thread Hijack.

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