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Originally Posted by wbedient View Post
I love my mULY, but I think if I couldn't have it I would look at a multistrada, the new 1200 or an older one... whichever I could afford. I think they're pretty close in handeling and have a lot of character as well.
I had an 04 Multi, put over 30k miles on it. They are a great bike. Ran flawlessly for me, lots of torque (wheel lofting) and very smooth on the road. Not a great off road bike but doable, light gravel, forestry roads etc.
I am looking for a Uly right now but would not hesitate to get another Multi.
Watch for cracking sub frames on the 03-04 years, mine failed suddenly. I did a fair amount of 2 up with a top case.
here is a link to the thread I started on the frame..mine breaking was not unique
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