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sh0rty, I feel the same way. Stude's came as big as 2 1/2 ton for both commercial and military applications but you rarely ever see a big one on the road. I am planning on keeping it a heavy duty model. I may not keep that old style split center rear end simply because of parts and rebuild ability of it. I doubt I will use the stock spring packs cause they look trashed, but I will replace what I have to with 1 ton type components. I wish I could find a rear axle with that huge 6 bolt lug pattern. Not sure if that is a reality tho.

I seem to remember some of the old Grumman trucks like UPS vehichles were a large 6 bolt pattern, maybe I can find something for one of those I can adapt. I will try to see if that stock rear end is useable first, but I have my concerns with most of the components...I will try to keep it true to its origins but not likely all original Stude stuff.
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