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Originally Posted by RVDan View Post

one day I will have something to be envious of. In the meantime my 8x8 microgarage will meet my basic needs.

Look at it this way. People who have no garage at all and have to leave their bikes parked under covers at the curb are envious of your "microgarage." Be happy with what you have. could probably fit three bikes in there

I suggest that you get a more stable foundation underneath the other walls than tiles/broken pieces of concrete or I fear your building will be precariously tilted and/or falling apart within a year or two.

You can excavate underneath the center of each wall about two feet wide by however deep the frost line is in your area. Mix up bags of concrete by hand in a wheelbarrow and pour the stuff in until it comes up to touch the bottom stringer of the wall. Let harden for a day then do the same thing at each end of each wall so you are building small pylons under the walls. I don't think it's a really good idea to have the building essentially just sitting on the ground most of the way around. Your one properly supported wall won't move but the rest will and it could tear the thing apart.
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