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When I was 14 I drove a 1947 Studebaker Truck (not this one) hauling grain for the local elevator. If I remember (I also drove a early International) it had a windshield crank and you could crank open the bottom of the windshield for ventilation.
An unsynchronized gear box made for some pretty fancy clutch work to catch the gears. I got really good at it and seldom "ground" a gear. I think it had a flathead 6. Those old flatheads were bullet proof. I remember the oil pressure would sit at 6-7 lbs. when the engine was hot at idle. With the 2 speed rear axle in High, she would easily run 45 mph with a load of grain. Stopping quickly was a real white knuckle experience.
I could barely see over the steering wheel.
I made a whopping $2.00 an hour which was damn good for 1970.
Paid for my 1967 Camaro SS350 that summer.


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