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Originally Posted by AdvWolf View Post
In the opinion of thee, he has no age to determine appropriate level of decision.
Men in general will understand the level of consequence and just except the outcome. If your younger, the pecker control most of this rationale. As a middle age man the risk is greater
(wife, family, estate). And for you two : Get it when I can or not tonight I got a headache.

For someone with too much book lurnin you gettin a handle on it allrighty. Oh Yeah I just remembered a Rhodes Scholar in most other parts of the world means you can grow up to be President! In Appalachia you're unqualified with out the OJT degree, and three years of watchn "Red Green" for your AA, four Years for a BA [or BS depending how you look at it], and been watchin since u's a youngn for Ur PHD in HillBillyology! U gotter happin on both fronts my friend. We jess might wind up and vote you in as Mountain Mayor, the Highest Office in the Land [litterally] ! When the power grid fails you'll find me up in the "Mountains of the East"
How did things go up in PA?
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