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Originally Posted by thecosman View Post
Someone is on the right track.

It was official. No details to follow. Clear rules. What happened? But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I like a few of these:

Chassis will be a prototype, the design and construction of which is free within the constraints of the
FIM Grand Prix Technical Regulations. The frame, swing-arm, fuel tank, seat and cowling are
forbidden to use from a non-prototype as series production road-going motorcycle.

Construction materials will be limited to exclude expensive “non-conventional” materials and
manufacturing methods (a list will be issued).

The engine (excluding exhaust, throttle bodies and ECU) used in a race is available to be purchased
by another competitor in the same race for a fixed price of €20,000 (Euro). Such purchase request
must be made in writing to Race Direction within the protest period, that is within 60 minutes after the
official end of the race. The transaction and delivery will be completed immediately at the end of the
60 minute protest period and will be underwritten by IRTA. Teams refusing to sell when presented
with a valid request will be disqualified.
I think it would brake my heart if someone took my motor. Not from a financial/cheating standpoint so much as that is a lot of love and time for someone to take from you. I guess the rule of thumb has to be: make more than one of every thing you make.

Obviously the restrictions are for safety and to keep racing (relatively) affordable. Why are pneumatic activated valves forbidden? Are electronic activated valves allowed? I don't know if the technology is refined enough but there was talk of solenoids driving the valves and I see that the rules don't exclude it, has anyone done it yet?
Pneumatic valve operation is not permitted.
This looks like an awesome hobby taken to the next level.
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Arghhhh. Abandon ship, maties!
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