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Originally Posted by sitbonzo View Post
personally I think the dealer SUCKS for not filling the tank. Its not going to be more than 10! DOGS!

first service i would expect to pay for.

I was shocked to be asked for 211 for my 8k service! oww.

running in? I have heard that it is unneccesary to run new engines in ( not in any way official) but get on and ride. Maybe not flat out or revving the nuts off it until it is warmed up.

My experience of revving as high as it will go gets you to 85ish then it runs out of power but is not screaming.
How much???
I was shocked when my local Honda dealer gave me my bill of 144 for a 8000 mile service two weeks ago........I was expecting it to be around 115.
Did you go to an official Honda dealer?
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