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to be honest as much as i love my real tallents lay in vintage iron fabrication...i "had" a 47 for 1 1/2 ton..aka 6 ton axles..i stilll have the axle and intend to build a rat around them useing a willys pu body stretched and chopped to hell and back

your right about some of the old grumans and not entirely sure youle find anything in the right pattern but honestly if you could get both the FRONT and REAR from a 80s or 90s gruman your going to gain better brakes and keep the look as the grumans had an i beam upfront maybe even disc's?......and since your doing the spring packs.....just seems to make sense to me......depending on what you do for an engine...gearing may be your only real fight...
.im no purist but depending on what its got in it id likely run that engine or if your going to change yourself a favor and pick something somewhat unique......IE dont just go chevy 350 350 ..ugh so sick of that crap its played out and BORING they all sound and look the same...personaly if i was to change the engine id likely go with a IH diesel or older IH inline for that application...actualy i wonder what a grumans got under the hood...hmmmm

speaking of IH..some of there smaller big trucks (uhaul/ryder)would also do for keeping a large pattern and i beam but going mildly would some of the 70s and 80s ford uhauls....also the gmc topkicks tho i think they had a 8 lug instead...and imo once you drop the lugnut size it looks like its a 3/4 ton with big wheels
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