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wrong and wrong...LOL

id love to just say..guess......but the odds of anyone ever getting the right answer is slim to none....the company died in 1961..and its FAR FAR FAR FAR from stock at this point...note the other one..yes SAME CAR similar year(57 and 58) to the right behind the d-50 4x4.

it is/was a german lloyd kombi(wagon) allexander TS..tho i have dubbed it "eurosled" since i took alot of american leadsled knowhow and poured it into it..51 chev hood tail lights from a tbird grill 58 ford the list rattles on and on..but keeping it all euro..its on alfa milano platinum underpinnings nose to tail..lets just say the hours and mod list is extensive to say the least...look me up on youtube or look for eurosled
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