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Originally Posted by wbbnm View Post
Can you link the map picture to GE view scaling so that when you zoom in on the Google Earth view, the map picture also zooms in?
It does that automatically. One issue is sometimes the overlay map doesn't exactly line up with the GE view across the whole image. It can be perfect in one area and off a bit in another area. This happens a lot when the overlay map covers a large area. So, when comparing the overlay map with the GE image, sometimes you have to re-adjust the overlay position a bit as you go along. The other critical factor is the transparency adjustment. You have to play with that a bit to get it just right so you can see both the overlay map and the underlying GE imagery.

You can overlay an image from a website, as I did with the GWT maps, or you can scan your own maps and link to them on your hard drive.
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