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Originally Posted by CrustyAPO View Post
What are you guys paying for your No-Mar's? The MSRP on the website is $1295.00. Are you getting better deals than that?. I was looking at a No-Mar as I am looking at starting a small bike shop. But then I started looking at one of these ( and this gives me the ability to do car tires as well. There was also a motorcycle specific model ( Ranger TC-400), but for the few hundred difference I think I'll go with the R745 model. The turntable adapters for bike rims is an extra $300.
You must have been looking at the Pro model. I bought the classic, which is $645. I don't know how many tires you plan to change, or what diameters; those are factors that would affect your choice of changer IMO.

There's a pretty good comparison page here on No-Mar's site. I believe the FAQ also discusses car tires, and I know they change one in one of their videos.

If you plan to change lots of tires every day, you're probably better off with a powered professional changer. If not, a No-Mar would do IMO. It's not back-breaking work to change tires on the Classic.
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