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SHorty, NOT gonna get a typical small block in this way. The lump it has in it now looks like I may be able to get it running, at least at my first inspections. No water or goey sludge in any component. Still need to pull the valve covers and do some inspection and a compression test later this week, but so far so good. The lump in it is a 232 cu in Stude v8 out of a later model Lark or something. Very cool to me if I can salvage that motor. Not gonna spend a fortune on it just to salvage it, but I will give it hell to try and use it. If I just cant get it will probably be a Blue Flame L6 or something like that just because they are cool, cheap, readily available, and lots of cool hot rod stuff like offy intakes with multiple carbs, blowers, headers....and they just sound bitchen with a cherry bomb glass pack on them.

I drained the rearend and the oil was in great shape!! No water or rust in the oil at all. Obviously I cant actually see much of the gears because of the split center pumpkin with no cover, but looking thru the drain and fill plug holes and seeing the condition of the oil, I truely feel the rear end is 100% useable. I also pulled an axle and the brake drum, they looked GREAT. A light turn and the drum will be fine {I have a brake lathe at my avail} even the shoes look fully useable as well as the hardware. They just need a good cleaning and maybe a bit of sanding up. All of the rubber parts like the wheel cylinder boots and cups are just gone but that is expected.

Now it is just dig into the trans oil and get into the motor....

BTW, while I like the idea of a more modern front disc brakes for me! Then remeber, this is a C cab and not very wide so a Grumman or Top Kick or IH uhaul truck style front end will be WAY too wide, and I am not comfy cutting and welding a front axle. If the front end is anything like the rear, I am sure it will be fine. As to brakes, If they are scary, I will add a booster or some other type of MC and wheel cylinders combo to help improve them.
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