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So, Here I go again,... Heading South of the Border

I'm Back.......... What a great trip....I mean experience!! Here's a quick overview of my journey; Enjoy

But Please feel free to read on..........................

The Story starts here:

Yea I know, your probably thinking, Crap another going South thread. Well, it is Fall and as the annual migration begins for the feathered Fauna, so does the two wheeled ones go.

I am recently retired and albeit on a finite monetary stream, life is good. Mexico, the great mystery to me, that place I only remember as a young man crossing the bridge into Juarez so many years ago in the 70's while stationed at Fort Bliss, it's unfortunate I don't have much in the way of cognitive memory on how I got back.... Oh but the stories I could tell

So I went on a ride back in 08 to Baja with a group of folks I had never met, awkward apprehension I must say it turned out to be one of the times of my life with folks I still stay in touch with. Later that same year while sitting around a campfire with a few of the folks I had met in Baja, a plan was hatched to go to south, well one thing let to another alas I didn't make it, yet an Epic Adventure blossomed from around that crackling campfire. Erica, whom I've lost touch with and is probably heli-skiing off some northern Canadian Mountain or in yet another "Ironman" competition did a 4 month mostly solo ride of which I highly recommend as winter reading; link : "Runnin' Home - Tierra Del Fuego to Oregon!'

Well Radioman was sitting at the fire too and as we all know his story and epic adventures he too has circumnavigated throughout North America, north of the border. Well the only thing to fear is fear itself. So, am I apprehensive, well yes but only for two reasons.

1) Spanish just does not seem to come easy to me, I've been studying off and on for sometime now and even watch "Telemundo" to see what I can pick up, I'll tell you what I get from it, is Spanish soaps are friggin HOT! if you know what I mean. Anyway when I was stationed in different parts of the world I made every effort to as least become proficient in basic communications so I guess immersion is the best way to go and I am armed with pocket conversation book and can flap my hands and arms with the best of them.

2) Now this is my real pet peeve, the burr under my saddle.... bad police, the ones who just want a easy buck off the gringo's just cause. These are people whom took an oath to up hold the law to serve and protect, no matter what country!!! If I did something wrong then cite me with a ticket and fine, my bad, but just looking for for ice cream money because they have a badge and gun. Ok, enough, I'll just see how I handle it when it happens, so stay tuned.

As an aside: I can remember the Juarez police would fine you for stumbling off a curb or some other trumped up fine which just happened to be how much is in your wallet. That's my memory of Mexico from way back when.


I have a 06 Triumph Tiger and a 07 KTM 990 both are capable and would enjoy either for long saddle days but due to Copper Canyon and the wonderful patch work of highways I seen from other threads I'll elect to take 'Moya the 990.

Now, how to get most this stuff on the table packed. I managed to get 90% packed up, chucked the tent, tossed the cooking gear and my beloved Big Agnes sleeping bag. I did pack a REI travel bag rated to +55 degrees and we know the ratings to be a damned lie so I threw a fleece wrap in for good measure; hammock, and Kelty tarp they pack real small.

I wanted to have something to secure my electronics in you know camera, small laptop, so I pulled my Givi off the tiger and mounted it up. so not to bad looking, huh.

So let's see what it looks like loaded up?

Not quite, but some minor adjustments... that's looking better

Now I need to do something about the tires. At what the 908 costs (big jump this year) I want to save it for more dirt later. I have these sitting in the garage

Got the rear mounted Dear God what a PITA that K60 is one stiff bugger. Looks good though

Think I'll just burn the front off on the way down and slap the new one on in Tucson

OK, so I have a plan... kinda, no real set itinerary other than Copper Canyon.

Highlighted places I think would be interesting from prior reads

So the real trick is can I do this on $40 USD a day? if not my stay may be shorter.

I roll out Thursday Morning to rendezvous with "Radioman" in Tucson on Saturday.

Let it begin.
My Ride South of the Border
Riding Nevada's Pony Express Trail May 2013

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