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sweeet someone after my own heart on the RIGHT way to build something!!!!....i paid hell talking myself into going disc on the front of my 58 ford custom300 but the drums even for the day were too small...i kept the 312 non syncro 3spd with od

i only tossed the "slighty" modern stuff up cause no one useualy thinks about keeping the ibeam and useualy you find it with basicaly a new f350 under it or motorhome stuff...actualy...come to think of it you might keep your eye out for the 70's ibeam MH setups if the brakes are too scary...they really arnt that wide......ive got a early 70s dodge sitting on the farm i should measure up...i intend to build an l-600 out of it using a modified a-108

id be VERY supprised if you cant salvage pretty well everything save for the wheel cyl's and brake/fuel lines and probably the fuel tank....they built em to last back then...however on the wheel cyl's if you cant save em you should be able to hone em out to something you can get cups for....if its got lines the size my 47 ford stuff is im actualy thinking DUAL mc's...seems like the only solution...i really doubt the brakes will be all that scary unless you plan to load it down like it was intended....oh..and if you cant find brake otts friction supply they can pretty well make you brakes and clutches so long as you have all the metal parts..and a fraction of the price of new stuff "if" anyone stocked it LOL

ill definatly be watching this one
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