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Originally Posted by broncobowsher View Post
I was thinking that it was a widow maker split rim. You can see the rim seperating when it blows.
My worst starting fluid tire seating incident was reseating a itty bitty trialer tire that was dry rotted and been off the bead for who knows how may years. Spray, light, pop, add air. First 3 went OK, adding air resulted in a few little blow torches of fire shooting out between the bead and the tire for a few seconds. My guess is the tire finally melted onto the rim sealing it (it held air when done), but the flames shooting out while putting air in were spooky. Good thing I had a good pair of gloves on when doing it.

I had a set of Super Swamper tires seat fine, but the air inside would cool quicker than I could put air in, sucking the tire back off its bead.

Ended up pushing the rim to one side of the tire and filling the void on the other side with grease. Then just filled with air. It worked fairly well.
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