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Originally Posted by CAVEboy View Post
Ok, turns out I'm not as stubborn as I thought and I'm easily persuaded to change plans and priorities. I didn't want to put the car on the right because I had a stronger and much much easier mounting system on the left side. After pondering the traffic topic I decided to get my head in the game and make it work. Here is what I came up with. What do you think? I also spaced out the lower mounts a little more as mentioned above. Thanks for the comments... please keep them coming.

Lower sub frame is 1.75" .120 wall and the upper 1.25" .120 tubing. Lower rear mount will be braced but didn't get to that today.

She is ready! Turns out I don't work fast enough for her. Frame is 1.75" .120 tubing. Track width should work out to around 44-45". Good??

This is the mount in question. It is behind the oil cooler and only uses that one oil cooler bolt. The bars in the first picture that tie the whole "upper" frame together are only there to give this mount longitudinal and vertical support. I believe it will be strong enough, but don't really know about the forces involved with moderate offroading of a sidecar. Please weigh in... especially if you are a sidecar builder!

Yes... It dose look small in the pic light bracket "8mm bolt?"..
Is there any chance of going up with a 5/16" 8mm plate between the tank & frame?
then bolting though the gusset at the steering head back bone juntion ?
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