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Now that we know your not going to be shuttled to some obscure sticky let me say this...

I like your approach, haven't seen the chaulk board slab layout technique in years, looks like a boilermaker shop.

You have great skills it's evident in your fittings so far.

Go wider on the bottom mounts, say 2/3 the length of the chassis you made. Keep everything at least as high as the lowest part of the bikes chassis.
Go wider at the top, get up at the neck if you can and take the rear up to where the top of a twin shock would be if you had them.
Think about how aero engineers design and attach a wing to a fuselage.

44 inches is not a bad width for an off roader. Stable enough and it should leave you a good 12" for your right boot and leg,
you want a little wiggle room there.

Glad you decided to put the car curbside. With the crown of most roads it would be odd to keep the chair on the highside of the pavement,
not to mention putting your passenger or load out into the opposing flow.

Be prepared to stiffen up that shock, no mushy mushy wallow needed.
You are building an asymmetrical tractor.

Don in Nipomo
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