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Tires and Wheels.

I've received a few messages asking me about the costs involved on the wheels so I figured I'd do the full write up (although I'm kind of afraid to know myself.... )

The wheels themselves are the "Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Wheel Alloy". They came in a silver painted finish and were not very expensive.. but everything together added up.

I bought the wheels, longer lugbots, wheel caps and some valve stems from Genuine Mercedes Parts.

$384.00 - Four Mercedes Wheels Alloy
$67.20 - Twenty Four aluminum wheel lug bolts
$57.60 - Four wheels hubs
$8.00 - Four valve stems (which it turned out I didn't need because I got the TPMS)
$133 - shipping

Originally I was going to cheap out and not get the Tire Pressure Monitors for each wheel.. but when I learned that there is no way to disable the warning light on the dash.. I sprung for the TPMS.

I got them from rider fleet products:
$273.48 - four TPMS sensors.

I then took the wheels to Woodys wheel works in Denver and got them powder coated for $125 ea.
$500 - powder coating

I then took the wheels to Discount Tire and got the BF Goodrich All Terrain T/As (265/75R16 - I read somewhere that the 285s would rub)
$1070.62 - four tires mounted with road hazard coverage, rotation, etc.

...and finally some Rustoleum primer and paint to paint the wheel cap hubs (which are in the garage drying now).
$8.89 - paint

Total: (I don't know that I really want to add this up... )


The wheels as they arrived (UPS was NOT kind to the boxes.. but Woody's checked them and they were still true)

The miscellaneous - lug bolts, center hubs, etc

The Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors

The center hub in the stock wheel

The wheels back from the powder coater

Looking to see what the black wheels looked like with silver center hubs :puke

The center hubs primed:

The center hubs painted (it'll dry to a satin finish)

Holy crap vanity is expensive... but I think they look awesome so to me it was worth it.
In my mind they've transformed the van from a cargo van to an Adventure Van.

some more glamor shots

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