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Originally Posted by jim2009 View Post
I bought one of these from recently - free shipping there too, I am really happy with it, comes with iGO8 nav software and a few maps - very easy to find more maps. Mine works really well and seems well made

Hello Mormlas I have one of these also. You say it is "very easy to find maps". I would love to know where as I have looked everywhere but I'm not sure which Au map I should be downloading as each site has numorous au maps all with different numbers after them, and some say I need to uninstall the iGO that is on there gps, and from which site and what year ? compatability, etc.,etc,. Feedback would really be great on this one. I'm sure the unit will work great once I can get the right map to run on it. Then I would like to know how you found all this so easy? As you can see I need help here.

Thank you in advance

Hiya Jim,
I found pretty much all the maps of the world for either Igo8 or tomtom and got them running on this unit - they all came from torrent sites - will post some details later, I am a bit of a geek and like playing around with these units - I even got Garmin software to run on this unit - although that was a HUGE challenge which i would not recommend to the non-geeks, turns out garmin uses a special way to send info from the GPS receiver to the mapping software and this required port emulators and some scripting etc....

But the tomtom and Igo8 maps were very straight forward and work great. In terms of the map numbers - they are usually a release version and you should go for the one with the most recent date as the number or the highest number (or the largest file which is usually the most uptodate). You do not need to uninstall anything!! For example, I have Igo8 running as the default from the internal memory and tomtom on the SD card, if I want to run tomtom ,I simply go into the unit directory and point it to the tomtom execute file on the SD card. If i want to go back to Igo8, simply restart the unit and point the directory to the default igo8 execute file. - Having tried both, I find the igo8 software better than tomtom, easier to use and better detail maps (at least for New Zealand).

The easiest solution is to simply add maps to the Igo8 software the unit came with, tomtom runs best from the SD card and requires a bit of a fiddle. Will add some more details when I get home later.

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