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Originally Posted by Rema in Paluda View Post
Aren't americans allowed to look at german sites or what?

The link doesn't work. Got that? It has nothing to do with restrictions on Americans, or your slurs to the same. When you try and link to it you get the following:

"This access is invalid. (E.00011)"

What about that is there that you don't understand?

And to now to add, after all your additional editing above, with now a *different* link and new instructions - a "Parts Catalogue" is ***NOT*** a Service Manual!

And you preach the following:

Originally Posted by Rema in Paluda View Post
...because this *is* the link thread, general discussion is elsewhere :-)
And insult others with cracks like "sir sanctimoniuos" [sic] and the like, yet you are the one who continually, endlessly, and incessantly pollutes this thread with your drivel.

I've known my Yamaha dealer for over 25 years. We're great friends. We've ridden together a lot, and I've watched him raise his kids to help operate his very large and impressive dealership. He takes wonderful care of me, and we have discussed the matter of the shop manuals at length.

And as usual, Rema/R3B... You're wrong here. As wrong as you are when you claim tires wear less when they have more weight on them. Yamaha Service Manuals are *NOT* free, nor are they available, free or otherwise at the moment, from the dealer on a CD-ROM or a USB flash drive. Manuals from other countries may be useful in some ways, but it has already been clearly pointed out that the US models differ in significant ways, particularly in the electrical systems and wiring diagrams, from the Euro/Asian/Australian/South African models.

So when are you going to let it drop, Rema/R3B... And let this thread get back to useful links instead of your useless arguing?



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