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Well I have been digging in. The odo reads 70089. It was a straight 6, I believe a flat head, now has been converted to a V8. The guys on the studebaker forums think it is a 232ci but there is still some question, looking for serial numbers on the block today. The diff is in great shape. Front and rear brakes seem great, outside of any rubber parts of course.

The coolest news is that the trans is in perfect condition. An added plus is that it is a factory overdrive unit. The truck has a 3 on the tree but there is a splitter on the rear end of the trans that technically makes it a 6 speed....But that is a very tricky driving experience I hear. If nothing else it is an overdrive that makes it a 4 speed that top gear is actually overdriven.

I have drained all of the fluids from all units, diff, trans, OD, and engine and there wasn't a spot of rust or a drop of water in any one of them...good news.

The mixed news is that I pulled the valve covers and the top end is very sludgey. Bad from the stand point of having sludge in the motor which can clog oil passages and starve areas of lubrication and potentially cause a failure. Good from the satnd point that all parts are nicely covered with a coat of oily sludge and has prevented ANY rust from forming on anything I can find. Even the inside of the valve covers, which are notorious for holding condensation and rusting inside on barn find vehichles, are completely coated with a film of oily sludge and NO rust.

Anyone know a good product for removing sludge from a valve train?

I had to laugh a bit. After shop vacing out all of the sticks and leaves and mouse nests from the interior and the engine compartment and under the open plenum on the intake manifold, I start to fiddle with things just sorting thru things and the throttle plate wouldnt rotate so I squirt all of the linkage with some PB blaster and shoot some down the carb venturi. I was not on a stool so I could not look straight down the carb. I let it sit a bit and try to rotate the butterflies again, nothing, so I get on a stool and look down the venturi...guess what, yep another mouse nest packed into the carb....damn mice..
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