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LOL 10-1 odds are rthe muffler will blow when its fired...too many times ive see those as one HUGE nest...ive actualy seen nests INSIDE the engine...1 open valve on a big enuf engine and..well you guessed it urinated piston...sad shame

as for the sludge..theres alot of good chemicals out there.....take a pic and toss it like to see how bad it is.....if its not crazy bad id actuay probably run som marvle thru it a few times while running and do some oil changes and forget about it...modern oil will break alot of that down
if its crazy bad? pull the pan and then hose down everything you can get at with some diesel to start loosening it all up..then blast it with some brake clean and then more diesel..after that it will probably be pretty clean....

70k ALOT for a farm truck ...but for something over 50 years old thats crazy low..LOL

WICKED news finding out shes got a splitter on the case...yes they are tricky to master but once mastered are quite fun to drive.......

the fast that the butterflys still open on a nested up setup like that...your VERY lucky!!!
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