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Originally Posted by Irishrover63 View Post
If you don't reside in the UK then you probably wont receive this letter from Honda regarding a stalling issue.

They are not just re-mapping the ECU, but changing it all together. Just thought I would let you know in case anyone was experiencing this problem.

Sounds like the same kind of problems the Big Ruckus had , a terrible bog off the line and then a flat spot before you were off and running .
On top of that the single rear shock was so weak replacing it was a must . Unfortunately instead of re-calling the BR and fixing the problems
Honda just ended production . This IMHO was the biggest mistake Honda has ever made . The Big Ruckus again IMHO was the best scooter
concept of all time , and I mean that sincerely .

Once I re-jetted the carburetor to eliminate the bog , replaced the rear shock with a Bitubo , and then replaced the variator with a Jcosta ,
it became what it should have been off the show room floor , the worldís bestís 250cc scooter ever .The only thing I would change on top
of what Iíve already changed is add a little bigger motor , another 50ccís would have done the job .

Compared to other scooters the BR is like a tank ,and if you are willing to give up the passenger seat you can install a mega sized trunk on it .
If I were in charge at Honda I would build 3 ruckus scooters , the 50cc , a 300cc and a 600cc . They have the power trains , but not the will apparently .
Iíve owned a lot of bikes over the years , and Iíve learned there is no such thing a the perfect bike for every one and for every use . That said for me
the Big Ruckus came pretty close . Maybe it would have been to expensive to do it right , and then no one would have bought one ? I heard from several
people that they thought they were to expensive at around 6K out the door , so another $500 to do it right might have killed demand ?

If some one is looking for the best bang for the buck and doesnít mind the plastic body , a low mileage Reflex with the carburetor re-jetted and a jcosta variator would
serve him or her well . This is especially true for some one who drives in inclement weather a lot of the time , the stock Reflex offers a lot of wind protection .

Thatís my 2 cents on the subject .........TheReaper!
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