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Originally Posted by Irishrover63 View Post
If you don't reside in the UK then you probably wont receive this letter from Honda regarding a stalling issue.

They are not just re-mapping the ECU, but changing it all together. Just thought I would let you know in case anyone was experiencing this problem.
I have had my 2008 SH300 for about 3months now, never had a problem, bike has been great, just had an 8000 mile service done and the dealer changed the ECU as part of a recall..... got the bike back, rode into London so about 30 miles of mixed riding, motorway, main roads etc, bike was fine, stopped at a red light, went to pull away when light went green and the engine just stalled, started again no problem and was fine for the rest of the day, rode the bike again the next day and the change oil light come on, this bearing in mind that I had just got it back from a service at a Honda dealer. Took the bike back and explained the problem, they put it on the computer and road tested it, apparently finding no faults with the bike........will have to wait and see what happens, hopefully just a blip where a technician wasn't doing his job properly.
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