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Keep the advice coming!

Thanks for the info guys! I'm interested in more. I'm still working a few of these mounting questions and answers over in my mind. Looking over many different pictures it seems that my mounting points are similar to many of the other builds I've seen (better triangulated than some actually) and that the additions that have been suggested are in response to my "offroad" inquiries. Basically if I want these mounts to last I need to come up with a little better way of securing the front mount. Without an entirely different mounting setup on the front I don't believe I can get it any higher. The rear mount could be moved if I'm willing to remove the side cover or maybe mount to the bikes subframe where my tail rack mounts. I'm considering these, but not yet entirely sold. Please keep it coming.

I took a break from the frame for a quick start on the tub. I have the bare shape down and that's about it. Added a small rack and windshield frame for the pup (it's not finished but will fold up under the hood of the tub when not in use). Here are a couple pictures of the tub for those that need a global picture of the project's end game. I'm thinking I'll probably mount this to the sidecar frame with rubber bushings of some sort. May not be necessary, but is relatively easy and I like the idea. I've got a left over piece of lexan for the window and am planning a vinyl seat of sorts for the dog and the occasional passenger (wide hips need not apply). I'll post more of this tub project when it's all done... not that the tub is perfect but I really am after feedback on the frame.

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