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Listen, I hate to be your buzz-kill, but from one Lions fan to another, quit tuggin' your weenie over these guys. Minnesota's coaching staff called the absolute worst 2nd half of football I think I've ever seen. Is Marty Mornhingweg in the booth calling their offense?

Seriously, the Lions got their 1st taste of a real defense in that game and it ain't gonna get any prettier with the better than average teams. The team's weakness was exposed in all its shining glory today, the O-line. They are serviceable, but will get steam-rolled against the better D-lines in the league. Couple that with the inexplicable miscommunications between Stafford and the receivers (which should be an anomaly, really) and it adds up to me not counting on them doing very well against teams like Chicago and Green Bay. They have to sweep Minnesota & Chicago and split with Green Bay to have a shot at the division. GB will win 11 minimum and I doubt Detroit can eclipse that total.

Enjoy it. It was a decent comeback win, a game in which the prior iterations of Lion teams would have folded, but don't forget this game was given to them.

Again, not trying to be a buzz-kill.

(And that font. HOLY SHIT, MAN! )
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This post has zero to do with civility and more to do with stupidity.
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