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Originally Posted by Idahosam View Post
Thanks, I did consider that as I have 2 hanging in my garage. I just didn't want to have it on my back for month or two. I had 2 liters with me just didn't seem to be enough and Gatorade.
I have one of the big Camelbacks and wouldn't go anywhere warm without it. Mine holds 3 liters. The beauty of the Camelback is you can constantly take little sips ... which the experts say is the best way to avoid dehydration. I carry all kinds of other stuff in the multiple pouches and pockets that are part of the Camelback. I get used to it on my back ... and after a few days I forget it's even there. But I have a big neck so no stress.
I love it ... and adds protection when you crash and land flat on your back!

Safe going man!
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