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Sept 26 Monday

Yesterday, was a rest up day and then a afternoon invitation From yzfcathy and her side kick Skip to offer up the use of tools, and a shade tree to service our bikes. I changed my front tire and Skip showed me another way to remount the tire on the rim, hum, old dogs can learn a new trick. Thanks Skip!! Then it was on to Air filter change and since I was undressing Moya I got a oil change in. Lesson learned, trying to remount a 990 tank full of gas PITA on that bottom bolt

BTW Skip has an AWESOME collection of restored Penton's in the house. I'll see if I can get Radioman to post up some shots.

That evening around the dinner table the talk turned to the Ride both Marks and mine and well one thing lead to another, where I mentioned how I'd love to see the Salt Flats of Bolivia where upon our host mentioned she knew someone wanting to go there too, so now I have a companion, so we assured her "Hello Kitty" will make it to the Salt Flats.

Today we are finalizing the jaunt to the border. Radioman has to get his bike into the shop in the morning for one more service so we'll head for Douglas tomorrow afternoon and stay there the night crossing Wednesday morning'

Today we took the bikes out for a little shake down and to scrub the new front
and a once over.

I took pictures of Mark and he took shot of me.
My Ride South of the Border
Riding Nevada's Pony Express Trail May 2013

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