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I switched to Android earlier this year, and maps have been a struggle. NOTHING is as good as the Garmin XT software, and the Garmin XT software wasn't all that good. I use it mainly just for visible moving maps, not routing. I bought the app CoPilot, so I would have offline maps and routing. It is decent, and it was under $10. I had been trying a number of programs to display the open source maps, and didn't care much for any of them.

I have settled on OSMand. ...


Looks like a winner for me for now.
I'll check out OSMand, but right now I'm liking OruxMaps. On my last trip I loaded the USFS georeferenced JPEGS (using OruxMaps' desktop software), created waypoints and routes in Google Maps and then loaded the KMLs into OruxMaps. The App has a function to select areas on the phone to download and store online maps for offline use, and... it does just about everything I've needed. Is it one of those you tried?

My problem has been overheating - both in the AquaBox on the bike and the Otterbox 1900 on the boat my Motorola Droid X has overheated - presumably due to lack of ventilation since the phone has never done it when not in one of these waterproof cases. I found out the phone has a cool-down mode, protection so your battery does not explode - so kudos to Motorola.
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